Smarter, faster, insight into your materials research

Increase the peak capacity of your analyses with comprehensive 2D chromatography.

A good thing just got even better! The capabilities of the ACQUITY™ Advanced Polymer Chromatography™ (APC™) System have been expanded to substantially improve the peak capacity of your analyses using the benefits of Comprehensive 2D chromatography.

With both a harsh solvent compatible Isocratic Solvent Manger (ISM) and a Quaternary Solvent Manager (p-QSM), the ACQUITY APC System researchers to analyze a diverse array of polymers using a single system, automatically switching between multiple applications throughout the day, regardless of the solvent or column required.

Learn how the ACQUITY APC System can help you accelerate your materials innovation

Comprehensive 2-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Polymer Applications »

Combining the APC System with WinGPC UniChrom™ software from PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH, allows researchers to increase the peak capacity of their research using a multi-dimensional separation approach through a single analysis.

Optimize method development with rapid solvent switching and aggressive solvent compatibility »

With p-QSM technology, reasearchers gain the flexibility to analyze complex polymer blends and additives using standard chromatography, gradient polymer elution chromatography (GPEC), and reverse-phase LC with a single system.

Column technology that keeps up with the pace of your materials research »

Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) columns support general purpose, reversed-phase chromatography, and enhance method development with their extreme pH stability and broad range across compound classes.

With so many different types of materials, the ability of a system to analyze the chemical characteristics and composition of your samples’ molecular structure in less time, with greater detail, and with increased efficiency is paramount in gaining a competitive advantage.