TA Instruments, the world leader in Materials Characterization, offers instruments designed for your specific rubber, polymer and elastomer testing needs through our Discovery Thermal suite of products, our Rheology products and accessories focused on rubber testing applications, Scarabaeus software, Rubber Process Analyzer, Moving Die Rheometer, Mooney Viscometer, Automated Density Tester, Automated Hardness Tester and ElectroForce mechanical testing instruments.

The need for reliable, sensitive diagnostic and predictive processing and performance data is essential as the demand for highly engineered elastomers increases. TA Instruments Rubber Process Analyzers (RPA) measure the viscoelastic properties of raw polymer and rubber compounds, which can be correlated to polymer architecture not discernable by traditional methods such as Mooney viscosity or simple cure testing. Dynamic oscillatory testing, including frequency sweeps and amplitude sweeps, particularly large amplitude oscillatory strain testing, can distinguish differences in polymer architecture such as molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and long chain branching that directly affect processing behavior, physical properties, and stability. Insight into this behavior provides smarter formulation and compound development and empowers customers to make real-time adjustments to manufacturing processes, such as extrusion speeds and mixing conditions, resulting in improved product performance, reduction in scrap, and cost savings.

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