Analytical Monitoring and Control Strategy Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Analysis and management of impurities in raw materials, intermediates and final products are an important aspect in managing the characteristics of electronic products. In the electronics industry specifically, the presence of trace amounts of impurities (e.g., organic molecules) can greatly affect product properties, safety, and performance. Waters Corporation provides analytical technologies that can isolate, detect, and quantify unknown low abundance organic impurities and provide many benefits to electronics development processes including improved yields, the reduction of defective products, and improved safety across the development workflow from R&D to Quality.

Developing a robust analytical monitoring and control strategy is an essential step in helping to control impurities and optimize product quality and performance. Using both analytical and characterization instrumentation from which usable meaningful data can be derived enables you to confidently connect your materials analysis to the bigger picture.

Through its Waters and TA branded portfolio of products, Waters Corporation equips researchers and scientist with solutions that enable separation, purification, MS based technologies, and material property analysis with technologies supporting Thermal Analysis, Rheology, Calorimetry, and Mechanical Testing instruments.

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