Material characterization for medical devices

Materials property testing for efficacy and performance.

Material properties testing is a critical step in gaining an understanding of material physical property or performance characteristics for safety, strength, impact resistance, and many other qualities.

Gathering knowledge around factors such as the long-term stability of materials and how they will respond to specific processing and manufacturing conditions, and establishing a rate or timeline to decomposition can yield extremely valuable information influencing a product’s final design. This same data can be used to provide regulators with the assurance that the medical device meets safety, performance, and even environmental standards.

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Reliability and speed for your demanding mechanical testing »

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Flexible and accurate thermal analysis solutions for property testing »

Key technology supporting the understanding of critical factors impacting stability, physical aging, degradation and residual content.

Powerful rheology solutions for testing of material flow and deformation »

Solutions for testing medical device properties impacting efficacy and performance including stiffness, flexibility, and damping.

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