Committed to Supporting Your Materials Innovation

Innovating the materials of tomorrow is hard work – finding the right tools shouldn’t be.

Damian Morrison, Director, Materials Science, explains how combining Waters and TA Instruments solutions allow the organization to support the growing needs of materials scientists and chemists. 

“It’s that aggregate sum of our analytical tools and expertise in chromatography, mass spectrometry, thermal analysis and rheology that allows us to support researchers from an all-encompassing technology and data perspective, across any product’s discovery-to-development-to-manufacture lifecycle.”

Learn how Waters and TA Instruments can help accelerate your materials innovation.

Flexible solutions that support your unique polymer separation needs »

Gain critical and in-depth insight into polymer chemical structures using a single system, automatically switching between applications, regardless of the solvent or column.

Evolving regulations are dramatically changing the medical device industry »

A greater need for understanding of chemical, material, and complete device performance is essential for medical device manufacturers and their supply partners.

Chemical characterization and property testing solutions for the lithium-ion batteries of the future »

The strategic importance of Li-ion batteries is a driver of research and development efforts as both consumers and industry demand connected mobility and alternative power sources.

In the field of materials sciences, an increasing focus around innovating higher-performing, more durable, more sustainable polymers has become a norm. Let us support you with the tools you need so that you can spend more time developing tomorrow’s materials solutions.